Laboratory & Testing Equipment

In-house Factory Production Control (FPC)
Glued Timber Industry

A. Laboraty equipment / Testing sets

Universal test machine, modular with rugged base frame.
Test machine, available in different extension stages:
Package 1: Bending strength test acc. EN 385 / EN 408 up to 150 kN
Package 2: + Shear test
Package 3: + E-Modul bending
Package 4: + Tensile strength in direction of fiber acc. EN 408
Package 5: + E-Modul tensile
Option 1: Electronic data logging and charting of test readings (Windows).
Incl. interface to easyQ MS

Version carry out:
Version 1: Only tensile strength test machine. Bending test etc. retrofit.

PLC-system; electronic data logging and indication the collapse load on digital
display; electromechanic loading system.
Assembled on an extremely rugged and buckling resistant base frame.
Thereby Upright bending and trend-setting tensile tests possible.

Extension packages could be done later.


5in1, multifunctional, modular and the future already built in!

Delamination appliance for glued layers acc. EN 391
According to method A, B or C

Composed of:
Vacuum / pressure vessel
Mobile vessel for pressure from -1 bar to 6 bar.
Manual operation of the cycle starts. TÜV-certified.

Option 1: Electronic data logging and charting of test readings (Windows).
Incl. Interface to easyQ MS

Option 2: Electrovalve; fill level sensor; Interface to PC-control system of dehydration cabinet.
Full automatic circle control.

Dehydration cabinet
Fully automatic drying appliance incl. ventilation, heating and moisture control with fresh air / outlet air flaps.
PC/PLC-system. Airspeed 2-3 m/sec: Climate + timing according to method A, B or C,

EN 391 respectively freely programmable.

Option 1: Electronic data logging and charting of test readings (Windows).
Incl. Interface to easyQ MS

Option 2: Monitoring system of routine + breakdowns with wireless notification to lab operator.
Option 3: Permanent weighing of samples inside the cabinet while drying.
Automatic termination of test cycle according to method EN 391/B.

Charting of weight-development. Determination of density.
Option 4: Air speed stepless adjustable from 0-4 m/sec. Adjustment control through PLC/PC
with speed sensor in the air duct. Accuracy: +/- 0,25 m/sec based on 2,0 m/sec at sensor tip.
Software adaptation.

Magnifying lamp, balance, splitting wedge + hammer

Minimized deployment due to monitoring system and wireless alerts.

Up-to-date, fully automatic; cost-effective

Shear tester acc. DIN EN 392
Determination of shear strength along direction of fiber acc. EN 408.

Diverse appliances
Pressure and temperature control, torrefy test, manual moisture content device, climate recorder (mechanical/electronic), timber-labelling, etc.

B. Quality management / process control

Electronic management of production and control figures with relational client/server database system
Manual or automatic data entry
Optional online to process and machine
Optional input terminals for operators at the machines
Quality control plan and execution survey
Management of test tools
Electronic „Leimbuch“
Diverse statistic reports
Supplier rating
Processing of complaints
Interface to PPS/ERP systems available

Quality control at a fraction of the previous current costs!

Varied services in the field of process control:
- Setup and maintenance of Quality Management System (QMS)
- Creating of QM-handbook respectively production control handbook
- Organigram and responsibilities
- CE-certification acc. to EN 14080
- DIN-certification acc. to DIN 1052
- Training and instruction
- Continuous improvement process (CIP)
- Optimisation of quality and process

Saving labour resources and concentrating on kernel tasks by outsourcing the Q-questions!